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Mission Inhaler AC4 Roller Hockey Pants Jr

Comments: Most of the time products have false advertising. You might be thinking to yourself, "Mission Inhaler huh?" "Only $39? Not bad." "HAHA Feel the flow." Yea right! Well I just bought these for my highschool team that"ll start tomorrow and I tryed them on full gear and all... Just rolling around in the garage I could realy feel the air come,n in and out of the pant's!! I was in thier for a strait 3 hours!! And I fell like 5 times and they didnt rip!! I could only imagion what it would feel like in a game or practice!! I was really sceptical about the derabillty but I havent had any problems with them yet. If your an avid ice hockey player and your wanting to play for your school or just pick up with the boys, these pants a total bang for your buck! LIGHT WEIGHT, ULTRA BREATHABLE, AND A GOOD AMOUNT OF DERABILITY? FOR ONLY $43 BUCKS???
From: Kevin

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