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Comments: I absolutely love this girdle. It provides good protection while allowing full movement. It is not bulky like some other girdles I've had. It's breathable for a girdle and I like the compression feel. It has just the right amount of hard and soft padding. I would recommend this to a teammate.
From: Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Comments: Just enough padding. Mission should add just a bit more thickness to the hip compression padding! Really, they should add another 1/4" all around. I used to wear two girdles - a compression girdle with hip shields and throw a loose Tour basic model over top of all of it. It was so bulky but allowed me to hit the boards at speed with my hips with no damage. This girdle ALMOST accomplishes equal protection with 1/4 of the size. I am happy with my purchase but add just a bit more and this would be the real deal. The kidney band is sweet. The other brands rock some flimsy foam around your waist. The waist band and the back protector are perfect.
From: Mark, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I went from a Mission Thorax girdle (which I've had for several years and only replacing because one of the cup straps came off), to this one. While the two are the same size (XL), this fits much tighter...almost too tight. I am still debating on whether to send it back or not, since I purchased the largest size.
That being said, I love how much protection there is on this thing, much more than the Thorax, even the cup is larger and more protective. There is a removable kidney(?) belt and it seems all of the pads come off with Velcro.
This also doesn't seem to go on as easily as the Thorax, though that could be from the older girdle just being so old and worn.
Finally, I want to know who the models are for these hockey products? I mean, they can't be using American body sizes! I mean, since when does XL mean a 38" waist? Why doesn't Mission (and other companies), make realistic sizes for real men?  
From: Anonymous


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