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Comments: Hi, I play high level inline in Australia and I've bought two of these. (BP 88 which is a great all round curve in my opinion, very similar to the new warrior zetterberg curve) The sticks are lightweight and well balanced, the grip coating is a slightly matt/rubbery feel that doesn't stick too much, I highly recommend getting the grip version and that's coming from a guy who almost always goes for the non-grip versions. Puck feel is fantastic, shaft dimensions are great, main thing I noticed was shot power was off the charts. Started scoring long range slapshot goals, no screen or tips just banging em in, the shots stay very true which was great. the white finish towards the bottom chips off pretty fast but that's just cosmetic. I really thought I had found the ultimate stick but unfortunately both sticks suffered the same fate within a few short weeks of playing, the blades of the stick split up the middle and once that happened all the power was lost and I had to put them aside. This is with re-taping the blade after every session. To be fair I play many times a week so I did get a decent run with them, and before they split I was playing the best I ever had. To be even more fair, almost all sticks i get eventually suffer this problem, warrior widows....rbk 11ks you name it... all the blades end up splitting up the middle and its probably due to the exceptionally grippy surface i play on, or perhaps my shot technique...not sure, but it happened a lot faster with these sticks, normally takes a few months but happened quicker with these. Now that they're on sale I'm thinking about getting them again...i should just stay away from this website! :)
From: Johnny

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