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Mylec Z-Blade Hockey Blades Sr

Comments: This is a nice glass filled nylon blade. Great for outdoor inline hockey, however, you'll notice that the heel is narrower (about 2-5/16ths") with the front of the blade (about 3"). This is an issue when playing on agressive surfaces like asphalt because you don't have a lot of material to lose before the abrasive nature of asphalt creates a blade too narrow at the heel to catch bouncy ball passes easily. Wrist shots are harder to control when the blade goes much thinner at the heel like this as well. My son drills the heel in several places with a 1/8th drill bit and scews #8 screws into the blade which prolongs the blade life quite a bit. It would be nice if Mylec would just increase the blade height at the heel to 3 inches. Otherwise, a nice blade.
From: Norman, Louisville, KY

Comments: This blade is an interesting option. Kind of a cross from a real ABS hockey blade and the plastic Franklin blades you can buy that went over a wooden shaft and drilled on. This blade is pretty heavy but it is durable and will not break, I kept using mine until it was a thin strip or bacon. The blade is not as rigid as a real ABS blade and flexes some on real hard shots or when you are fighting for the puck, but just slightly, not enough to make it seem like you are 'slicing' the puck/ball. And its not as flexible as the old Franklin blades. A plus to this is that you can put your own custom curve on the blade easily but leaving it in boiling water until it is soft enough to manipulate and then sticking it in the freezer to set. I had some fun with it and put a filthy toe hook an the front 3" of the blade...DIRTY toe drags, but not a great shooters curve, hahaha.
From: Gear Executive, Fort Collins, CO

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