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Comments: ive used a bunch of pucks, and this one has been by far the best. the weight is good. it doesnt excessivly bounce. and it glides pretty well.
From: Brendan, NY

Comments: i see the comments about sinking pucks. i never noticed that with the several pucks i've used. i've actually noticed the opposite. if i take a hard shot, the aerodynamics of the puck cause it to slowly rise.
From: John,

Comments:I agree, these pucks do wobble and sink alot when shooting. I also don't care for the feel of the puck on the blade. Puck is heavier than most roller pucks. Won't buy again.
From: Brandon


Let me start off by saying that this puck has a fantastic shape and weight.  It is very close if not identical to a typical ice puck, and therefore is good for practicing shooting if ice is your main area of play.


The downside is the puck seems to wobble (not kidding, they wobble) and bounce a fair bit even on a smooth outdoor playing surface, especially when brand new.  Even after wearing a bit, it seems that this puck just doesn't work well on an outdoor surface outside taking shots.  I have had good luck with ProPuck sliding well on the same surface, but it is a shame that their puck is not the standard puck shape and weight.

From: Mike, Ca

Comments:these pucks are increadable me and my buddy took one on the ice you just have to try it they work the same on my indoor rink i will never use another puck in my life. =)
From: Brownstown

Comments:These pucks definately move faster than the IDS pucks. Nice for indoor use. The drawback I find is that they do not have quite as nice of a feel on the stick. Also the goalie had a complaint about the pucks sinking and just being really hard to judge. He compared it to playing with a ball. Overall I do like these pucks, but our sport floor is blue and red. The referees do not like to use them because the creases are red and are too hard to see. They need to make different colors.
From: Bill, Pittsburgh

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