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Comments: After few games with the stick I would like to correct my previous angry review a little bit. It is still not the good old Nexus 1000, but is not so bad at all. The biggest problem I see that it feels heavier than the old model. I have an Total One NXG(87) = 476 grams, Vapor APX NXG1(87) = 469 grams, Nexus 8000 (87) = 462 grams and finally the old great Nexus 1000(95) = 431 grams. I also had an Nexus 1000(87) which was a little bit heavier than the Nexus 1000(95). All sticks are same length of corse. If I should chose between Bauer sticks right now, I would choose the Total One NXG. It is the heaviest one, but it feels as the lightest. It is very good balanced and it fits best in the hand. Strenght of shots seems to be similar, maybe even harder if you know what you are doing compared to Nexus. Total One is a little bit less forgiving but better stick at all. I would never buy an Vapor stick anymore. The low kick point is worse for shooting. Shots are weaker and more difficult to do. I don't see any advantages to have low kick point stick. I wonder that its firing faster snap or wrist shots. If so, it is in milliseconds but in comparison with weaker shots its nonsense. (Sorry for my english.)
From: Roma Matysek, Czech Republic

Comments: I was really pleased with Nexus 1000 which for me was the best stick ever. It was lightweight and it had very pleasant feel while shooting. (Better than NXG or APX for me.) What a bad surprise for me whan I bought the Nexus 8000. It is heavier (no matter what Bauer say) and the improved mid kick feels like cheap amateur stick. Im very dissapointed I really loved the Nexus 1000 and was really trying to like the 8000. But after this experience I'm going to try another brand. (Sher- wood is introducing the lightest stick to the market.)
From: Roman Matysek, Czech Republic 

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