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Reebok 10K ABS Hockey Blades Sr L

Comments: Use this whenever I play outdoor roller. I bought two expecting one to break, but the durability is great! Almost a year later, the blade only shows minimal signs of wear.
From: Chris, Davis, CA

Comments: I cannot recommend this product due to the fact that, having purchased 2 for my new Bauer X80 shaft and not one would fit correctly. I used an entire glue stick + tape and still nothing. Regardless, I shouldn't have to tape to fill the gaps and it seems to me that it speaks of crappy quality control, which begs the question, "how reliable will these be?".
From: Anonymous

Comments: Just got this the other day. Pairing it with a Bauer X80 shaft. Talk about LOOSE! Be prepared to tape the end of the blade before trying to fit it. And I am not talking a little loose, but a whole heck of a lot! Debating on returning because I've never liked having to tape the blade in.
From: Anonymous

Comments: Best outdoor blades. I use these blades on a local outdoor rink. I like to listen to my ipod and rip slapshots all day long when I'm bored. The blades wear down smoothly. Unlike the Easton ABS blades, these blades have never fallen apart on me. It is also nice having options for different curves. Great blades, for a great price.
From: Shawn, Chino Hills, CA

Comments: I bought this blade because my previous one had split right down the blade after a couple weeks. It's been a couple months with this blade and I have only had small amounts of wear. Would definitely recommend to a friend.
From: Alex, PA

Comments: This is the best blade on the market for use on asphalt and other outdoor surfaces. This is a long lasting blade that doesn't sacrifice in performance. I used the Reebok 2K blade about 2-4 times a week and it lasted about 3 months, which is all you can ask for with an ABS blade. My ball hockey team just ordered about 12 of the 10K blades about a week ago and they seem to be just as good as the 2K. I will be using this blade until the day I die
From: Alex, MA

Comments: Bought this blade to put on my Bauer supreme one.5 shaft and it was originally a little loose fitting with just the glue; i ended up having to put tape on the blade plug to get a snug fit in the shaft but other than that it has been great. I play 2-3 times a week on asphault and sport court and haven't had a problem after 2 months of use. Square toe is great also.
From: Dylan, MD

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