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Comments: The ONLY blade to use for outdoor ball hockey. Wouldn't recommend for anything else but in my multiple years of outdoor ball I would never even consider using
anything else. They last a while and are absolutely worth the cheap price.
From: Walt, PA

Comments: I thought I was going to have to hang up my roller blades until I found out these are the "same" Koho Ultimate stick blades I had been using for the last 20 years. These come with different curve options, which Koho didn't have (options). I bought a couple of them with the Crosby curve a while ago now and besides the curve being different, they perform the same as the old Koho blades...tough as nails. The first one I put on there is still like new. When I couldn't find the Kohos (before I found out Reebok bought them out) I tried a blade made by a company that makes great stick shafts and other hockey gear, but they sure can't make a stick blade for outdoor use to save their life. When it comes to outdoor rink use, I will never use anything else if I have a choice.
From: Arpad

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