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Comments: So nice to have a street stick with a composite shaft and a durable blade! If you play street/roller, you should try this! I am giving away the rest of my street sticks.
From: Todd, IL

Comments: Good stick for outdoor play. It is light and compares well to a lower end one piece composite for ice or indoor rink. Sadly, the only curve is a Crosby mid-toe heel curve that forces me to change my shooting mechanism. The puck gets high in the air with the 87A curve. The heel of my stick has been worn down from dragging my stick on the asphault. It wore down after about a month of playing 4 times a week.
From: Adam, Columbia, MO

Comments: Best ABS Roller stick I've used. And I've tried many. Durable. Light. I'm tall so I had to add on to make it long enough but that wasn't a problem. Definitely the best combo of lightweight but still durable, I've found. Plus the design is pretty sleek. Reminds me of the Kohos I used to like growing up but lighter.
From: Rob

Comments: A solid and very durable stick for roller hockey. I've used Bauer stick that were nice but when the composite blade wore down, I replaced it with a fiberglass blade. It didn't feel the same. The flex was different and the feel was different. I found this reebok stick with a composite shaft fused with a fiberglass blade and fell in love with it. It hasn't broke yet and there were times that it took a beating, but this stick is by far the most durable stick I've used for outdoor play. I highly recommend it for outdoor pickup.
From: Jeffrey, CA

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