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Comments: Comments:Bauer LE Rx6 Leg Pad Review I am using the Rx8 review template so all can get a good comparison. ABOUT ME: I have playing for 35 years. I played club in college and adult beer league now. I played mostly standup, I challenge aggressively on the angle but learning butterfly, so hence the new pads. I am coming from Vaughn Legacy 3000's 32", with essentially no thigh rise and no 5 hole coverage. I got these new pads in July 2011 and have used them about 40 times. I am just recently becoming a gear enthusiast and this is my first review. I do not have a ton of experience with lots of gear just what I have worn, which is to say nothing new til now for the last 15-20 years. I had been looking at pads for about a year and settled on these, mostly due to price. These seemed to the cheapest non-beginner adult pads I could find (although some here might call these beginner pads, hehe) I got the for $300 delivered from I pretty much needed all new equipment so I couldn't splurge on any one item. I got 34+1. I am 5' 11" 1/2 with ATK 17" BREAK-IN: No break in required for me...they offered no resistance to anything I wanted to do, b-fly, relaxed stance with hands on thigh rise, or even classic skate kick out. With toe tie slack I could point my toe when needed. Pads came flexible and snapped back to shape. I made no modifications, even to the knee cradle, left it right where it was. I am not real picky and they were new style to me so I had no pre-existing preferences. So just left it as is and played it by feel going forward. Adjustability. The knee cradle is movable up and down and slightly side to side. There is not much adjustability in the straps as they are all sewn in hard. So essentially all you have there is tightness to play with the strapping, or maybe just not using one. The toe tie has the leather spacer which I really like. It allowed me to make adjustments to the slack very easily prior to each outing and not have to mess with tying or un-tying the knots. The toe tie was where I experimented the most along with tightness of strappings. For me I have ended up with a lot of slack in the toe tie to alleviate the pain I had in ankles, knees and hips. I have the boot and lowest calf strap tight for better stability, it also seemed to simulate my old pads feelings better to ease the transition to newer pad Playability: very very light compared to my old Vaughn's. At first was pretty awkward, I could hardly feel them so it sort felt like they were not there and I couldn't trust the protection. But once I took a few shots my mind started to believe. These pads will slide very well, although I am not very good at it. I can get a good b-fly side with these...the backside pushes slide well to, but this is where I struggle. I do not think it is due to the pads but more to my very very old skates and poor flexibility (can't get my foot square to the push, but working on that) UPDATE: Got new skates (Bauer One60) and can perform backside pushes much better. They are not great but that is due to my poor form. Which I am working on and it is getting better. Overall these pads play very well, slide when needed, rotate as expected and stop the puck! I would say these pads do give some big rebounds but some of that might be due to my style, more kicking at times. They seal very well to the ice, very few "squeakers". There is a "V" when in the b-fly but that is due to my lack of flexibility. PROTECTION: this may seem obvious to some but leg pads to provide protection as its main purpose. I play in mid level beer league and once in a while I take a very hard slap shot just above the shin and I can feel it through the pad. It doesn't hurt, I can just feel it. I was also hoping that with the thigh rise and thigh/knee rap I wouldnÕt need knee pads...WRONG. These pads have the laced on thigh/knee guards that taper as the get into the pads with no plastic in the actual knee area. I never thought a puck would get to my knee with the thigh rise. Well 8 weeks later I still have a knot on my knee from where the puck hit me. So you will want knee pads with these pads. I'm sure some of you are like "duh", lesson learned there. I have Bauer Knee Pads now and I just removed the thigh guard. Durability: To this point no major wear on the pads. There is a little wear on the back of half of the inside foot seam near the heel. There they are using just a soft fabric vs the jenpro that is used on the front. Guess that is what you get for going cheap There is really no calf wrap, the calf pad that is on the ice when in b-fly and a lite foam flap inside that. On the outside of the pad just another lite foam pad. The inside protection is plenty but not much on the outside. My old pads had nothing on the outside of the calf so this is an improvement. I hope to complement these with matching gloves and One60 Skates (got them now) in the next year or so. And like the Rx8 review (JasonGoalie34) I was a Vaughn loyalist, when I had money. Now that I have a family money is the driving factor. I have found that Bauer makes the least expensive adult gear and along with my Bauer Elite C/A I am finding it good gear for my level, and should be for most mid-level beer league'ers. POSSIBLE MODS:As with the Rx8 review I am thinking the knee stack maybe a bit low and I may add something to raise it. This would help me keep the pad flush to the ice when extending my leg out, as my flexibility is not that great. These pads have slide pad with Velcro to the larger knee stack pad which attaches to pad with laces like a thigh boards, and then Velcro to the adjustable knee cradle. So shouldn't be too difficult to either get a larger knee stack pad or even add one. I have also recently moved the knee cradle down about 2 inches since I got new knee pads (Bauer Pro) and I considering removing the knee cradle together. OVERALL: I am really happy with my purchase of these pads.
From: Lee

Comments: Amazing pads! I have owned 5 different sets of pads and this set was effortless to break in. Has multiple areas of adjustment to make the perfect fit for yourself. When tightening the bottom straps leave them with a loose fit giving some room to put your hand under and the pads will pop up in the butterfly making a perfect wall with no room for the puck to slide under. This movement also works well with sliding from post to post. I was amazed how light these pads were compared to my old Bauer pads. These pads have noticeable rebound control which improved my game. I don’t have any complaints about these pads, in fact I purchased the matching blocker and glove to go with them!
From:  Sean, CO, USA

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