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Comments: Bought these to replace my old Tours.  I could instantly feel the difference.   Great support and feel.  I was skating much better.  The lace lock and pump are awesome features that just bonuses to the skates.  I feel like I'm much faster and much more agile with these on.  I also felt more energized after an hour long game.  The energy transfer is amazing.  I play on smooth concrete so the 74a wheels desinigrated after the first period of hard skating so I had to change to harder wheels (wanted to see how long they'd last).  Other than that not a thing was wrong with them.  Very happy with my purchase and I'd recommend these to anyone looking for a mid to high level skate.
From: Danny, VA

Comments: Great Skates. Lace lock and pump really help your speed and agility while the comfort and overall fit are amazing. Wheels are excellent except for the fact that if you hockey stop frequently during a game, they will wear faster than usual. Other than that, awesome skates!!!!
From: Tim, PA

Comments: Awesome skate for the price. Boot is firm, and comfortable. The tongue is very thick and great at preventing lace bite(Was looking at Alkali CA5 and the 7K and the tongue sold me on the Reebok's). I have wide feet and the D width is comfortable, though it probably would be worth the extra money to move up to the 9k for the EE width if it is a concern. They are on the heavier side, but the value more than makes up for it. The wheels which came with the skate were too soft for my weight so they didn't last very long (as expected). After 9 months of use, the boot has held up well. The stitching at the top of the ankle where my shin pads rub against is beginning to fall apart. Boot is still plenty stiff, but the Pump air bladder in the right skate leaks (wont make it through a shift). I did not buy the skates for the pump feature so that doesn't really bother me. Overall this skate is a great buy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
From: Mark, San Jose, CA

Comments: Great skates for the price, I upgraded the bearings (abec7) to Bones Reds which you can buy from IW, I played two indoor seasons so far, boot and wheels have held up with minimal wear and tear.
From: Robert

Comments: Got these for Christmas and love them. They respond well. I baked them and they are even better. The lace lock and pump are good for your speed, reactive time, and control. They look nice and fit like a glove. Thank you Reebok!
From: Tim

Comments: Really good roller! Very convenient for wide feet. And also to those who do not like roller presses the leg. I've used it and it really really comfortable and good, the pump is not so necessary but helps. I highly recommend it
From: Nim

Comments: I purchased the Reebok 7K pump, and I have nothing negative to say. I'm very happy with customer service, the shipping speed. The email with tracking link made it easy to follow my order. I will definitely order from inlinewarehouse in the future. Thanks again.

Comments: purchased these bad boys towards end of last year, all I can say is.....I'm in love. Coming from a low level skate (Bauer RX05) these felt like heaven. Although I'm a very new inline hockey these are smooth as Hell and the all 80mm wheel makes you go so much quicker. These skates work nicely as I am a large guy and the bauers could not cope with my weight. The lace lock and pump take awhile to get used to and I've had to add inner soles to get the full feel for the boot. Overall a very solid product and I highly recommend them for the price
From:  Matt, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

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