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Comments: As a first time hockey player these skates have worked out really well. I can't wait to move up to another pair as my game gets better. Love the pump system. It keeps those ankles tight.
From: Jason, Mt. Juliet, TN

Comments: First pair of skates I've owned and I have liked them for the most part so far. Only criticism I have is the toe area seems to be more constricting during colder weather. Not sure if this is true for all skates or if its just me. Overall, great skate though.
From: Chris, TX

Comments: I bought these for my little brother, He recently began playing hockey and may i say.. He cant be any happier with his skates. The skates are really decent for the price aswell.. My little brother is catching up quickly with the basics. The skates are extremely good for anyone getting into the sport, (: Recommended.
From: Angel, Miami, FL

Comments: Great skates! The pump allows for a second to none custom fit. The armor is good and the bite guard on the tongue keeps the lace bite to a minimum.
From: Andrew, Colorado Springs, CO

Comments: I upgraded to these skates from the Reebok 5K's, and noticed a bunch of nice upgrades. The quater package has a nice composite construction to it, instead of a more fabric-type outer panel. The same goes for the tendon guards, which were both broken on my 5K's, So it looks like the 9K's will be much more durable. I love the felt tongues, which are more durable and comfortable, and do a really nice job of fighting lace bite. The fit of these skates are better than any skate I've had in 25 years. After baking them, I felt no pain in any of the typical hotspots that I've had from breaking in skates. One thing to watch for, are the blade holder bolts. They tend to loosen up pretty quickly (all Reebok skates tend to do this, in my experience). This can usually be fixed by using some bolt lock spray. All in all, I have been very happy with these skates. The only downside is for my wallet, since I don't think i could go below this level of skate again.
From: Kyle, Portage, MI

Comments: These skates are great! i had them baked and after two gamesthey were very comfortable with no foot pain that i had experienced in my old vapor skates! The pump is not as useful as i had hoped but the overall fit is amazing.

From: Cody, Grand Forks, ND

Comments: Good choice for a beginner skater , offer decent support but forgiving at the same time. Pump works well to fit up any small gap better the boot and your heels. Good value for money!
From: Teo

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