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Comments: LOVE IT!!!! Super light!!!! Strong!!!
From: Vinnie

Comments: I got a AI.9 pro stock stick from an unnamed recently drafted player. Anyway, I just play beer league and rec hockey; stick is feather light. 100 flex so it is decently stiff, really responsive off the blade on clappers. Worth a shot (pun intended). I like it better than the Warrior twigs i've been using.
From: Ben

Comments: I picked one of these up because I broke my APX. My neighbor told me that reebok's are more durable then any stick he has used. The carbon fiber window is a good idea for consumer purposes but not for the durability of the product. I used it this weekend in a tournament and the adhesive that holds the stick together in the blade started to separate. A good stick but breaks to fast.
From: Will US

Comments: Ive been playing hockey at the AAA and later ACHA D3 level for 16 years, and after trying every brand during that time Ive finally settled with Reebok and this stick tops them all. By far the best twig Ive ever used. I play D and this is perfect for slapshots and one-timers from the point and is deadly when the occasion to snipe one down low comes around. Extremely durable as Ive had it for a bit over a month and the only thing is some paint chipping, but I buy sticks for function over form. Compare that to other brands where I went through three twigs in three months.. Very light compared to other sticks Ive used, which took some getting used to, but thats a problem Ill take any day. And I love the 2:1 ratio of the shaft. I was skeptical at first but when you fire a slapshot with this stick and then one from another brand its quite noticeable. The higher kickpoint to other top of the line sticks is perfect for D-men and others who dont need to get off the quickest shots, but rather need ones harder and more accurate. I can pick corners from anywhere on the ice with this twig. All in all 5/5 stars. I would highly recommend this stick for anyone.
From: Jaime, Erie, PA USA

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