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Renfrew Pro Blade Friction Hockey Stick Tape 1 in

Comments: This tape is pretty terrible. There is NO adhesive on it and I had to super glue the tape on to my blade. Yes it may absorb vibrations from hard passes ect... but the tackiness screwed up my wrist shot. I advise against getting this tape. I have no idea why they would manufacture such a product, and I would suggest just making a tape with thicker fabric instead.
From: Rob, Los Angeles, CA


Comments: love how it absorbs vibration. The grip makes it easier to stick handle and receive passes. The one thing I noticed is that I'm having to re-tape more (i'm lazy about it). Every two sessions, the bottom tape is gone. However, it comes off clean and in one piece so it's a lot faster to retape.

From: Ryan, Foster City, CA

Comments: Puck on a string, I use it and love it.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Tackiest friction tape I've ever used!  Great strength too!
From: Neil, VA

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