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Comments: I bought this helmet after constant headaches with other helmets. One of the best features is how it is adjusted with the clips for length on the sides and the dial in the back for width unlike having to get a screwdriver and adjusting it that way. It's super easy you want to feel a little loose before a game just loosen it up it is that easy. Now to the comfort it is by far the most comfortable helmet in the market. Not in a way that it is to loose it is that it is designed a certain way by the temples. Plus it is super lightweight and is never blistering hot up there. But in my opinion the best thing about it is that your flow looks great coming out of it. With the Reebok 11K helmet there is no more throbbing headaches, it is easy to adjust, and you'll look great with it on. So without worries you can do what hockey players do best dangle, snipe, and celly.
From: Matthew, Mars, PA

Comments: The Reebok 11k helmet has had that custom fit to my head from the first time I put it on. Along with the comfortable foam pads on the inside, the straps from the chin strap tighten with each time you put on the helmet, making it both simple to put on, and remove for maximum comfort. The helmet also has a notch in the back that tightens all throughout the helmet to your liking. I personally like this because you do not want any extra wiggle room in any of your gear, let alone when you're dealing with your head. With all my years playing hockey, I have never had a helmet that fits my head as good as this. Definitely worth the money, for the safety and protection to the most important body part in your game.
From: Spencer, OH

Comments: Solid helmet. Super comfortable for pretty much any size/shape head. Fell back & hit my head pretty hard once & the helmet definitely did its job. Worth every penny. However the cage doesnt have the best vision. Once I replaced it with my Bauer 7500 true vsion though it was a perfect helmet.
From: Brook, CA

Comments: This helmet is just awesome, I bought this to improve on the piece of junk I had before as I was getting very shook up when I got checked. Now with this brilliant helmet I can hardly feel a thing. I love the way it fits on my head I love the visability of the cage and it looks so slick too!!!!
From: Sam, England

Comments: Awesome helmet! It is very protective and light . One con could be that it fits narrower than the other reeboks and that can cause headaches in the temple region. Besides that it can't be beat!
From: Jack

Comments: The Reebok 11K helmet is fantastic! I've never worn a helmet so comfortable, yet so top of the line, protection-wise. The 360 degree adjustability dial works like a charm for the perfect fit. The chin strap is ultra-comfortable too. Finally, I must mention the 11K cage. The straps can actually be adjusted while you wear the helmet! It's amazing - the simplest ideas really are the best. A great, great helmet. Buy it, you won't regret it.
From: Matt, Des Moines, IA

Comments: This helmet is great. It adjusts to fit like a glove, is light, keeps relatively cool, and feels like it gives great protection. The cage is lightweight, but protects from sticks and pucks. The cage offers remarkable visibility, and the chin rest is fitting and comfortable. I definitely recommend.
From: Steve, UT

Comments: Great helmet. I've gotten knocked around with it and nothing has broke or have i gotten a concussion. Great feel, weight and great cage.
From: Rani

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