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Comments: Probably one of the best helmets i've used. I have used RBK helmets and CCM helmets for a long time, switched to other brands and kept coming back. Used the 8k with the epp foams and after a bad concussion decided to give the VN liner helmets a try, this one is a very low sitting helmet which is perfect for us guys with huge heads and other helmets sit like sombreros (coughbauerandeastoncough). First off the look of the helmet is very clean, simple design, ventilation vents on the front are great, you can actually feel the air coming in and exiting on the back as you skate. The liner is perfect, not too much just right and doesnt ride back or forward. The protection of VN liners is great, its got two layers, one is the one that makes contact with your head, which is the beige liner, its a softer lower density foam for harder impacts to absorb the shock, and the black liner past that is the heavier duty one that diminishes the most of the shock impacts. as far as ventilation, protection, and feel this is one of the best helmets. Theres a reason why a lot of pros wore and still wear this helmet.
From: Humberto, Phoenix, AZ

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