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Rink Rat Identity Krysis Hockey Wheels

Comments: The Rink Rat Identity Krysis are the best wheels I have ever had. I have gone through the original Rink Rat Hornets, Spits Labeda Dynasty, Addictions, Revision Variant Plus, and for 4 tourny games the horrible Eschelon wheels. I have never had wheels that will let me turn as tight as these wheels will being sticky the whole way through. Not only will they let you turn tighter than you ever have before but they almost explode out of the turn giving you an add speed bust. At the same time I can by changing the angle of your foot you can stop on a dime. Normally when wheels work this good they wear out fast but I have four games on them and around 25-30 games ref'd on them. Yes yes I know us refs do not skate that hard when we are working but it is still wear and tear on the wheels and the wheels are still just as sticky as the day I bought them.

Con: The price point is high but they are worth every dime.
FYI I had to pay for my set no freebees for me.
From: Ryan, CA

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