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Comments: In spite of the descriptions & photos on internet store sites, and Reebok's own site (which all picture the Senior L7 pad), the Junior pad has a very different strap set up: -2 nylon straps with plastic snap buckles at the upper/knee portion, no adjustable positioning -2 leather straps over the calf portion -A single boot strap. The thigh board that was attached is the "original" style with the flap that extends down the inner portion of the knee to tuck inside the knee cradle. The elastic on that is far too long in my opinion, making it impossible to snug it up against the thigh, and therefore it pops out from under the pant leg when butterflying. Will be trying some mods to fix this. The length of the elastic on the knee cradle & calf wrap is OK. Those are set up similar to the Senior version. Knee stacks are well padded, 3 layers. Knee and calf landing area are also set up like Senior pad and covered with synthetic leather. Build quality is good for the price. No obvious missed stitching, slight misalignment of graphic on front of knee roll. Overall good value in a hybrid style pad.
From: Doc

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