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Rollerfly Hockey Goalie Slide Plates Sr

Comments: Great product. Unfortunately they don't quite fit my pads. I have a set of Vaughn Velocity pads (9700 i think?) and the calf protection is too long for the straps to go around them fully. I had to improvise and find a supplier of extra straps and rig together a longer strap. It definitely makes playing in net a lot more fun. Definitely worth the money, just make sure to measure your pads first to see if they will fit.
From: Phillip, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: I play in a ball hockey league in Dubai and recently switched pads to the Bauer Reactor, the synthetic leather grips against the floor and you come to a dead stop instantly making side to side movements impossible (was using Cooper fabric pads previously). I picked up a set of these plates hoping they would get me back to the mobility I had previously but was shocked at how well they actually worked from the get go. Side to side is the closest I've had since playing ice hockey, I am extremely impressed on how these have dramatically improved my game. We play on a rubberized floor and these work very well, I can only imagine how much better they perform in hard surfaces. I use these in conjunction with Reason Y goalie shoes - fantastic combination.
From: Kev, Dubai, UAE

Comments: Back door one timers and wrap arounds were always tough in roller and dek hockey. With the implementation of roller flys, I have seen a marked improvement. Once you get used to them you will wonder how you ever played without them. Since getting these I have had 3 dek tournaments and have won each one (also won two MVG trophies). Well worth the price. Also, I have fallen on them hard, slid into posts and they look no worse for wear!
From: Josh

Comments: At first I got very frustrated with them not being used to sliding and all but after i got used to them I loved them! ive been using them for about six months and do not see myself taking them off any time soon. I just had a tournament and for some reason they were not allowed and playing with out my rollerflys was the most difficult thing ive done in a while i let in goals that my rollerflts i wouldnt let in i started to get extremely frustrated and was glad when the tournament was over
From: Bradford, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: We at HIT Hockey have worked hard to put out a workable product. Our final Generation of Rollerfly has had the bugs worked out and has been made with improvements over prior production runs.
For starters we've beefed up the strap slot areas that were breaking, to increase the overall durability. We're using a super slick injection molded polymer for all the plates which make for a much improved slide performance over the prior productions.
So better durability, and better sliding. That's what we've worked towards with these current Rollerfly sets, and that's what you're gonna get.

We also look forward to your comments and feedback on our Facebook pages.
From: Io, Honolulu, HI

Comments: These broke every time I played in them. 3 for 3. Straps popping off and sharp plastic pieces on the rink. Garbage. Wish I could support these but they were just awful
From: John, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: If you don't have these then you aren't serious about playing inline goalie. I grew up playing both ice and inline. Inline was always frustrating to me in that I couldn't slide and gave up goals I otherwise would have saved in ice hockey. The rollerflys bring that dimension of the position to inline. If you wear them, you gain a tremendous advantage.

In addition, the added mobility will give you confidence to play more aggressive on angles, leaving you less susceptible to getting beaten by corner shots. Breakaways are much easier to defend. Post to post becomes a reality.

If you are on a budget, quit buying pads that cost $800. Get used pads and pick up the Rollerflys. I have been waiting for this since I started playing inline.
From: Jeff, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: After about three full games and a little bit of practice on these rollerflys I have to say they work very well. I am very impressed with how well they slide and the added movement I know have. My biggest drawback is the weight they add to your pads, however the added movement/recovery time they give you while in the butterfly is definitely worth it. I have a set of Warrior Ritual Pros and the rollerflys installed no problem and worked as advertised. Overall after some getting use too they work fantastic and I don't see myself taking them off any time soon.
From: Justin, Philadelphia, PA

Comments: there's a reason why the new version of these was just released last week and they sold out already. in just two games using them i've made countless saves that i could not have made without my rollerfly. aside from making my game leaps and bounds better, they're just fun to use. i was skeptical about spending $200 on a piece of plastic until i tried other products and tried to make something myself and realized it was totally worth it. if you're on the fence about these, do it. you'll forget about the money in a week or two and the improvements in your game will last for years.
From: Adam, NJ

Comments: I have had a set of Rollerfly's since the first batch became available to purchase. Being a huge fan of Inline Warehouse and a former user of the Rollerfly's, I figured it was good to add an honest review. I have used these in multiple situations, including; Open Hockey, Adult Leagues and Professional.

First, these are phenomenal in giving Inline Goalies a sliding dimension to their game. When you need to push and get that extra lateral slide to make it to the far post to make that tough save, these will give you what you need to get the job done.

Second, once you are sliding, it's very difficult to stop yourself in the middle of the slide. Unlike Ice Hockey, where you can dig your far skate in to stop your slide and push back (butterfly push), Inline Goalie skates will not give you that option with the slightest moisture in the goal crease. The wheels on your skates will not cause enough friction in your crease to stop you, and pushing back is difficult if not impossible in most cases. Once committed to the slide, you are stuck.

Lastly, in transition from Ice to Inline, the butterfly push is not near as easy. It WILL take more push for a lot less movement. From transitioning from Inline (without Rollerflys) to Inline(with Rollerflys), the butterfly push will seem incredibly uncomfortable and more strenuous than it's worth.

In the end, if you are looking for some sliding fun in Open Hockey, these will be great. If you are looking to use these for any kind of competitive level; I have turned away from using them, but provided my review of how they worked for me. In the end, I felt much better taking them off.
From: Jason, Hershey, PA

Comments: I cannot speak enough about this product. I have been using the product since last December and I truly believe it will revolutionize the sport of roller hockey. Your mind will be absolutely be blown when realize you can recover with a backside push or slide from the top corner of the crease to the opposite post on a 2-on-1. It may not be EXACTLY like ice but I would say it is 90% there. They have prevented many an injury and given me the ability to continue playing roller when I thought my body couldn't take any more of the punishment. There is no comparison between these and Mission Slyde, especially when it comes to durability: my Slydes broke my second rollerfly set has been going on a year without a hitch. I won't play roller without them, if I can help it.
From: John, CA

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