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Rocket Roller Hockey Pucks

Comments: Don't know why USA hockey switched to these pucks they are horrible compared to the ids puck. This puck drags and doesn't slide nearly as far as ids.
From: Ikaika, Kaneohe, HI

Comments: These pucks are terrible. They roll a lot, get on edge easily and they are bad for saucer passes. IDS pucks have been around forever and they are still much better. IDS pucks do shatter in cold winter but these do too. If you want a better puck I would go with the IDS or even verbero or sonic puck. Some tournaments like NARCH use rocket pucks so we only use them around those tournament times.
From: Andrew, GA

Comments: Best puck I ever played with.Love the response and the weight. Taking a shot or lofting a pass down the rink, you're not worrying about it fluttering or bouncing around.
From: Nick, CA

Comments: Overall not a bad puck. The black and red versions seem to hold up quite well but avoid the new neon green and pink versions: they seem to be made of a cheaper material that peels away from the puck after only a few weeks

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