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Rink Rat Identity Split Hockey Wheels

Comments: I went ahead and sold the split hornets 76A off of the new AC2 skates I bought. The grip on these wheels has been okay at one rink and amazing at the other. One the solid sport court they tend to keep sliding when I go to stop and when I stop on a dime they seem to flex out a little to much. Last week was going wide open and rolling fast and loving it. I slammed on the breaks to come back to the inside of the defender and had a blow out. I cracked through to the bearing the back right and middle right skate wheels after only having them on for about 5 games. I guess its back to the drawling boards or going to a different model they make. I wont bash these wheels because I am a 200 pound 6/4 aggressive skater and I know with weight rink rats have been a issue for me before. I will consider going back to my old wheels because I had them for about 25 games before they were wearing to much and losing grip.
From: WD, Atlanta, GA

Comments: Let me open up by saying that I bought a pair of the green 78a......I have a pair of axiom t9's and the skates alone are amazing, but the 76a hornets that came on it were terrible, I could never get them to work right, I would want to stop and they would slide, I would want to slide and they would throw me heels over head... I hated it so I tossed them and went over a year with several sets of the dreaded labels millenniums and let me tell you, I have never skated on a worse pair of wheels, I tried the x-soft and they would lose their grip after a few days and take a month or so to break in half (I weigh 179ibs btw) so I had several sets of the soft and it wasn't any better, I couldn't catch grip after a few weeks and they would brain in half on me after about 2-3 months... So about 2 weeks ago I decided it was time to try rink rat again, everyone I talk to and play hockey with loves them but I was skeptical, but none the less I figured if I tried the 78a splits maybe I w
on't have wasted any money, and man was I right, the roll buttery smooth, stick like glue and Jesus is there a speed difference, everyone says I am faster and more nimble now, I've only used these for 1 1/2 weeks now but they are absolutely amazing and I recommend them to anyone who is heavier, or just hard on their wheels, I can't wait to see how long they last and how they perform farther down the road, I'll definately let yall know but till then I'm sure that I'll be buying another set when the time comes, probably a set of the krysis but none the less it'll be rink rat all the way, worth every penny guys so do buy if your skeptical because they are amazing
From: Joel, Brenham, TX

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