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Comments: HOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYY CRAP! I was pretty skeptical when these wheels first arrived because I'm a pretty large guy (6' 2", 225 lb) and they were clear and I could see a seam on all the wheels. But I went out to my local rink and screwed around for about 2 1/2 hrs on them and they show absolutely 0 wear, they're just dusty from the rink because its a concrete rink that used to be the equivalent of garage concrete, but because it isn't well maintained, it's just a step above driveway concrete. I have no doubt these will do excellent on the sport court rinks we have here too. They're super fast! Usually you think that speed is all in the bearings, but I used the same bearings from my old wheels and these are way faster! If you're thinking about getting these, stop thinking and just get them, you'll be glad you did!
From: Robert, Smyrna, TN

Comments: So far absolutely loving these wheels, as an intermediate skater and still learning a lot of things, these wheels have given me a lot more confidence as they don't slip out as much as the wheels originally on my new skates
From: Rebecca, Brisbane, Australia

Comments: I'm 6'5", 225 pounds, and these have been, by far, the most durable wheels I've ever owned.  I switched to Revision, mainly Steels, over two years ago and have been more than happy ever since.  Their performance is fantastic, whether you're looking for some speed, or grip/durability for the larger players
From: Jon, Il

Comments: I'm feeling these wheels! Had them since jan of 2012 with no issues of splitting or chunking. Play on outdoor sport court, the rinkrats that came with my T9s were cool but after 2 uses swapped them out I'm to heavy for 74a's. I skated all the other wheels when i was younger but Ive been on revision since 08 no complaints (don't play tournaments). If I need to replace I'll stay with revision steel or equivalent.
From: Julie, Bakersfield, CA

Comments: I am 6', 210lbs and an aggressive skater. I haven't been able to find anything that would last longer then a month before they start showing signs of wear. I was Addicted to the super high end wheel from Labeda that cost $13 ea. These are by far the best wheel I have ever used for both performance and durability. Buy these now if you're tired of splitting and chunking on your 5th skate.
From: Bryan CA

Comments: I play on glazed concrete, and also on sports court, and these wheels work really well on both. Great on stops and turns, speed is fantastic. Anyone who has played on single pour wheels (example: labeda grippers) and then compared to dual pour wheels can tell you its a world of difference. Previously I a set of labeda addictions that I would wear on the sports court and swap them out for cheaper wheels twice a week...needless to say doing that wasn't very fun. Now I actually don't have to do this and actually prefer these wheels over the addictions if you can believe that...its a big call to make i know that but I just made it. My weight is 75 kilos, (165 lbs for you americans) so you don't have to be a fatty to make good use of these wheels. Another benefit is the wheels wear down gradually over a long time... rather than chunking which I hate. Now you may suspect I am some person from revision sent here to give this review but thats not the case, I have a vested interest in keeping these wheels on the market since I want to continue buying them, and I feel giving my honest review may help.
From: Jack

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