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Comments: I love the lightweight feel to it while still have the ability to take those hard slap shots. great control as well. great buy.
From: Brad

Comments:This is an update from the "??" post. That was me. All good things come to an end, I guess. My Revision Viceroy snapped in two last night during a league game. While trying to poke-check the puck along the boards, the forward I was defending leaned into the stick slightly & it broke. It broker rather easily which surprised me. So, it was fun while it lasted. Would I buy this stick again? Sure. My first review still holds up: "It seems to add a good bit of pace to my wrist shots. My slap shot seems to benefit from it too. The feel of the stick is great etc . . . " I just have questions about its durability considering this one only lasted a few months.
From: Blaine

Comments: I purchased this stick because I wanted to try something that was made for inline hockey. I purchased the 95 flex Sauce pattern. I've only played 4 league games with it so far. It feels more "whippy" than a usual Easton, Bauer, Warrior, or Reebok 95 flex. It is actually similar to my old TPS Red Light XN10 composite shaft. I am not sure if that has to do with the dual flex zones or not. It seems to add a good bit of pace to my wrist shots. My slap shot seems to benefit from it too. The feel of the stick is great. I would actually compare it to the Warrior Dolomite 1-piece that has become my backup stick. This one feels more durable. The blade is very stiff & the shaft doesn't torque much when you take a shot so the puck goes where you want it to go. I am hitting the back of the twine more. The stick is very light . A little more than the 450grams, at least the one I bought was.
From: ??

Comments:Wanted to try something different other than easton or ccm that was extremely light for roller hockey. Seems like a solid pickup. Tallied a hat-trick in the first game on the rink. Got the 80 flex but im wishing i got the stiffer one. Its extremely whippy for an 80 feels more like a 60-70 flex. Got the %10 discount so the stick was relatively cheap for such a light high-performing stick. You cant find a lighter stick for the price of Viceroy trust me, ive looked. The 80 Boomski is definitely lighter than the 448 listed on the page... feels more 420-430. Oh its also super sexy with the all black. Hope this helps.
From: Andy

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