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Comments: This was a great investment, I picked this up two seasons ago and it is holding up great.  The fit is better than my last jock and it doesn't get in the way of my stride.  The Velcro and clip options are good for different types of socks.  My practice socks have Velcro sewn on and my game socks don't have any so I use the clips instead.  I had to sew the inner Velcro back onto the shorts but that wasn't a big deal.  
From: Ollie, OR

Comments: Good fit, very protective. Cup shape is comfortable that I hardly notice I'm wearing it. Has both velcro and clips (although I've never used the clips, sometimes gets in the way, im thinking of cutting them off). Bottom of leg has a bead of rubber/silicone to keep the shorts from riding up. Would definetely buy it again.
From: Wayne, Los Angeles, CA

Comments: This is an awesome, versatile jock with some really great features. First off, there are clips AND Velcro, so you have options for how you keep your socks up. Second, there is a built-in pocket for the all-important (and included) cup. Third, the insides of the bottoms of the leg openings have a rubber band that keep them from riding up your legs as you play. This jock also fits pretty true-to- size; I wear 34 waist pants and it fits perfectly. There are a few minor drawbacks though: the cup has a rubber lip that grips onto the fabric of the pocket, so it's a bit of a pain to take it out and get it back in. The clips for the socks can come apart, and if you don't use pliars to clamp them back together really well, chances are you'll lose them (personal experience). Overall, I'm definitely glad I bought this jock, and I'd recommend it without hesitation.
From: Will

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