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Comments: Solid product with great protection and fit. Its a little bulky, but no bulkier than any other products with this level of protection.
From: Platypus, Hoboken, NJ

Comments: Comments:Great shin pads my RS shin pads broke after taking a shot to the ankle I was refunded and bought these bad boys can't say enough about them they are simply amazing!
From: ??

Comments: These shin pads are amazing. I always used Bauer shin pads but my last pair broke and my brother-in-law told me to try Reeboks because of the Jofa technology. So I gave them a shot and I love them. I've blocked a ton of shots in them and never felt a thing. The only problem is I'm 5'8" and like my shin pads shorter so I tried the 13" ones on and m they didn't cover my calves at all so I had to get the 14" ones. The upper strap fit fine but the bottom ones were too tight so I had to cut them off. It would of been nice if Reebok would make them to that the straps are removable just for that instance. Other than that the shin pads feel great have great air circulation
From: Josh

Comments: I'm a 5'6" 145lbs adult and bought these shinguards because I thought the 14" senior versions would be too long. These jr pair fit the length of my leg perfectly and my knee rests comfortably into the padding of the knee cap with no complaints. The width of the shinguards amply cover my legs as well. The padding is very good as is to be expected by Reebok/Jofa protective gear. There's a reason why the majority of NHL players wear Reebok/Jofa shinguards, elbow pads, and chest guards, they're sturdy yet mobile and not too heavy. I've blocked shots, taken slashes, and run into the wall and these have made sure my legs came through without even a bruise. The only drawback is that being jr size, they were apparently intended for someone my height but with much skinner legs. I don't have tree trunks for legs, but the calf-wrap does not cover the back of my calf hardly at all. Also, the velcro calf strap will not fasten around my leg at all as the way the velcro is set up I would have to pull the strap so tight to get the ends to fasten that I'd have to cut my leg in half to do it. To get around this I bought a set of Reebok velcro shin straps and use them to wrap around the calf portion of the shinguard. It holds everything nice and secure, but of course does not address the lack of calf wrap protection. So if you're an actual kid, with kid size calves, then these shins may be the perfect fit for you. If you're like me, an adult looking for a slightly shorter than sr size, then everything is great except for the calf wrap and strap. They require a leg much much thinner than most any adult would have in order to provide any meaningful calf protection or for the built in strap to fasten. Otherwise, great construction and protection.
From: Steve

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