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Smart Hockey THE ORIGINAL Stick Handling Training Balls

Comments: Awesome taught me toe drags and easy to use inside, even on carpets.
From: Alex, CT

Comments: Works well and has a decent feel. Works on all surfaces (even carpet), but it feels a little slower than a puck on ice or the green biscuit; toe drags feel slow. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to work on their hands off ice.
From: Matt, IL

Comments: Great for off-ice training.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Good product. Great for stick handling around the house. Helps with developing fast hands and muscle memory. I like the weight and that it does not bounce around. It does not have the same feel or behavior of a puckÉItÕs a ball. I use this in conjunction with other products to work on stick handling.
From: Nick

Comments: This ball is great for practicing stick-handling in an apartment or in a garage. I like to just go back and forth with it and my stick while watching TV. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to practice with.
From: William FL

Comments: I like the weight combined with the ease of use that comes with it being a ball.
From: Ryan, NC

Comments: This training device would be last on my list, With the wooden ball in first and green biscuit in second. I do have all three, this one wasnt my favorite. I dont know why, maybe i like the stickhandling balls to be lighter and pucks heavier. Not sure, its all preference, still a good aid though.
From: Peter 

Comments: I got this ball for stick handling practice in close quarters (my garage), & it works perfectly for that purpose. The added weight makes it more realistic, or puck-like. Great value, second only to the Green Biscuit
From: Chris

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