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SISU 1.6 Aero Adult Mouthguards

Comments: During the past ten years, I have been a constant "BRUXER". I clench and grind my teeth day and night. I normally have custom fitted mouthguards made by my dentist, which cost $300.00 and last about 6 months. Most "hot water formable", over the counter guards are soft and rubbery, which only makes me grind harder. The Sisu Aero forms into a smooth, hard custom fit, much like the ones I get from my dentist, only MUCH less expensive! It's COMFORTABLE, easy to drink and talk while wearing, which is important to me since I must wear it day and night. I did have to trim a little off the rear of the guard as it was a tad long for my small mouth. Most photos show the guard formed for the top teeth, but I prefer wearing it on my bottom teeth, and I had no trouble forming it for my lower teeth. I did re-form it a second time and now have a nice snug fit with no wiggle room! LOVE IT!

Comments: Amazing!! Definitely not bulky at all, form fitting, easy to talk with, you can drink water, you can breath. Best option for a mouth guard if you ask me!
From: Sapphire Miller , Bakersfield, California

Comments: It's great how you can drink water and talk without problem with this mouth guard. I have to admit it took me a few times to shape it right, but once I managed to do it, it became really comfortable!
From: Rosario, Mexico City

Comments: I've been using SISU mouth guards ever since I knocked my front teeth out a couple years when I face-planted while skating. Being able to re-mold them several times has been great, since my teeth continued to change shape as the repairs of the above injury were going on. The fact that you can easily talk and drink while wearing them is great, and the snug fit means they stay in when you hit your mouth. The fact that it's comfortable means I have no excuse not to wear it, and when I'm done skating I often forget I'm still wearing it. Recently my SISU mouth guard totally saved the day: I was skating across an intersection in the city and tripped while stepping up a curb, doing the same kind of face-first fall I did a few years ago. The SISU mouth guard SAVED MY TEETH! Sure, I had a cut lip from the pavement, and a little "guard rash" on the inside of my lip, but that's nothing... at least I don't have to pay $6,000 to get my teeth replaced. My SISU mouth guard has proved its strength and skate-worthiness... now I never skate without it.
From: Julie, Crockett, CA

Comments: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sisu Guards! They are barely there. You can drink, talk (albeit with a sexy lisp), and they are comfortable. My only problem is that I have canines that stick out quite a bit from the rest of my teeth and they make the guard fit very snug. It's not really an issue, just can be a little hard to take out/reinsert at times. 

From: Anna, Beaverton, OR

Comments: By far my favorite mouth guard over the years. Breathing, drinking and talking has been a pleasure with this mouth guard compared to others. I have also been knocked up side the head a few times and my teeth are all still where they should be. Which is always a bonus. That and no concussions just yet.

Also, my mouth is very narrow. In the past I have had issues with gagging on mouth guards, or cutting into my gums. I do not have this problem with the sisu. It is by far the easiest mouth guard to mold and does not cut into my gums/mouth.
From: Aubrey, Boston, MA

Comments: I'm not sure if I recommend this or not. It is small and makes it (slightly) easier to drink and talk with it, but not much more than any other mouthguard. Also, it is incredibly thin. So much so that I was hesitant to use it and some of my teammates actually advised me not to. I haven't taken a puck to the face while wearing it yet (thankfully), but if I did I'm not sure it would protect me at all. It's that thin and feels more like plastic than anything else. Also, it is very difficult to mold correctly to your mouth. I did it three or four times and it still never felt quite right. Doesn't even cover all your teeth. Bottom line is that I'm not sure it's protective enough, so honestly I probably would not recommend this mouthguard. I actually went back to one of my old, bulkier ones after buying this, just out of concern for my teeth.
From: Andrew, La Crescenta, CA

Comments: Awesome mouthguard. Is thin and doesn't take up space in your mouth, is custom molded to your exact mouth, and is breathable and light. What more do you need? It can be remolded however much you want, just stick it in water that's just warm enough to touch and let it sit for a few seconds, pop it into your mouth and it remolds. I recommend keeping it loose in your mouth during molding, just using your lips and tongue to hold it together, otherwise it felt just too damn tight on me. I remolded 3 times before I liked the fit, but that's the beauty of this mouthguard, it only took about 5 minutes to go from out of the box to how I like it. Very comfortable, convenient, easy to use. Highly recommend.
From: Justin, TN

Comments: Being able to drink water with a mouthguard in is fantastic. Being able to talk clearly with it in, AMAZING! I love my Sisu. I have them in both white and purple. White seems to be more comfy, for lack of a better word. Just FYI if you have sensitive teeth, ice cold water with this in is no fun. 

From: Mo (Fearless Bleedher)

Comments: So thin and secure, it can be remolded many times... best mouth guard i have tried (i think i went through 3 others before finding SISU). I won't be buying another kind. LOVE IT!

From: Vickie (Monarch Massacre)

Comments: Great mouth guard that is very form fitting and you barely know is there. Drinking breathing and speaking are uninhibited unlike most other guards and the fit is great. one warning though. when fitting the guard dont make it too tight or it WILL be a pain to get on and off.

From: Matt, NY

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