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Comments: Bought these skates in June of 2011 and have now replaced them. Having picked hockey back up after 10 yrs off, I thought my skate choice would be an easy one. I loved the old Tacks, can't say the same for the U-Line. The breaking in process was a painful one, baked them once and dealt with the discomfort after that. The thinner tongue causes quite a bit of lace bite and I walked off the ice numerous times unable to feel my toes. I skated on them twice a week for over a year and a half, and was still making in-game adjustments on them.

I have replaced a number of the eyelets on both skates and I think this speaks to the overall quality of the skate's construction. The blades frequently come loose but snug up with a screwdriver. Just have to keep an eye on them. When I dropped them off at the local shop to put them on consignment, the guy there told me the U-Line had gained a reputation as a failed product. Probably why they are on sale now.
From: James, Portland, OR

Comments: I bought the skates last week and I've played a couple games on them. I've only ever worn CCM skates so I was excited to try out these skates. I had a pair of U+ 08s but I found there wasn't enough venting with the pure felt tongue so I moved up to the 10s because of the liner and the exhaust tongue. Once they're baked, they fit great. They're a stiff skate overall so it takes a bit to get them fully broken in, but it's worth the wait. These skates aren't as wide as traditional CCM skates so if you have a wider foot get the E width. The liner is great and wicks water well, plus the exhaust tongue really keeps the skate cool and dry. The skate is well worth the money and the extra to move up from the U+8 to the U+10 is worth it as well
From: Andrew, Vermont

Comments: First of all, I picked these skates up, and I love them. I'm back to skating in CCM's after skating in Bauer's the last few years. Bauer's just hurt my feet too bad and nothing I did made it any better. These skates are so much more comfortable. The boot is very stiff and this is the perfect skate for a recreation league player. I also wanted to comment about my experience with IW over the last year. If there is anything negative that I can say about IW, it's that their customer service and is so good, that it makes me expect the same level of customer service from other places of business, and they just cant meet up the IW standard.

Comments: Play Men's League and officiate about 200 games per season. Bought the U10's in April of 2011 and have now skated in them for about 15 hours both playing and and refing. Replaced a 25+ year old pair of CCM ProTacks that are easily twice the weight. Had to bake them twice to get them to mold correctly. One negative - Heat Molding did not eliminate pressure points on outside of ankles that developed on these skates. Shouldn't take 12 hours for this issue to resolve itself. I am very satisfied with these skates overall. Now that they are finally broken in, I can't stand to use my old Tacks anymore. The U10's are a great value and I predict that IW/CCM will sell more of this model than the CL's or U12's. IW's specifications say that this skate is lighter than the U12's or CL. Could that be a Type-O? I would be happy to explain the ankle issue to someone from CCM.
From: Chris

Comments:Just got these skates. 8 E Fit like a glove , nice and stiff boot Really great value for money. Well done ccm. Been looking for a skate like this.
From: SJ

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