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Comments: I bought these skates. They are nice and stiff. The toungue stays in place, and the tenden gaurd is great with no flex. I love these skates. The were kinda hard to break in and hurt my ankle slightly but this problem will work it self out after they are broken in. They put you in a great stance and they feel great on the ice. I'm really happy with my CCM U+12 Skates
From: Nick

Comments: These skates are just the same as the crazy lights but cheaper in price really comfortable skates
From: Hunter

Comments: I love the U12's very happy with these skates. They are a replacement to an older leather boot CCM Tacks 452's and the jump in technology is very noticeable. The skates can handle a lot more than my legs and feet can dish out that's for sure. The minute I stepped onto the ice I could tell that these were lighter, tighter and better handling than any skate I have ever owned. I've noticed too that my feet stay very cool and in fact they got cold at my mini-mite's open skate with the slower pace. I am a good beer league player and these skates a most definitely beyond what I need, but I am very pleased with the purchase.
From: Brian

Comments: very comfortable skate, and so far, very durable. I play a lot of pick up hockey (slash central) and they have stood up to that very well.
From: Jeff KY, USA

Comments: You wont regret buying these skates. Easily one of the most comfortable skates after they've been baked. I feel like I have a level of control over what happens beneath me that far exceeds what I'm used to (RBK 9k 08 model). My highest level was college D1 Club and I feel as though I'm among the better skaters around. I've worn them 20-25 times, no blisters...a bit sore but that is from the boot being a bit more stiff and responsive from what I'm used to. Biggest difference Ive seen between the CL vs 12 is the arch support. The CL has pronounced support in the arch of the skate, so if you have a flatter arch like me...go with the 12's. Fantastic skate!
From: Bobby

Comments:i love these skates. My last skates were some lower end missions that i got when i didn't know if i would be playing hockey again for very long and it was time for an upgrade. I wear a 10 to a 10.5 shoe so I just guessed on the size that i needed and got lucky with an 8.5. The u foam is awesome and the skates feel great, especially once i baked them
From: Josh

Comments:These are by far the best skates i have ever owned. I bought these after cracking the holder on my Bauer X60s. Only problem i had originally was a pressure point on my heel, but baking took care of that. clean look, and the ribbed tongue allows for easier mobility and flex. Highly recommend.
From: Kyle (Pittsburgh Vipers 18uAA)

Comments: Very comfortable skate and a very deep skate in terms of depth through
the forefoot and midfoot compared to other skates on the market.
Stiffness is great and the skates are very light. However, after a year
of playing 3 games, my tendon guard on both skates broke and I've had to
replace an eyelet or two. I would buy this skate again for its comfort
and how it maintains its stiffness after break in but I was disappointed
that the tendon guards broke so fast.
From:  Roy, Phoenix, Az

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