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Comments: have to say that these laces disappointed me. they do not stay tight and feel like there is little to no improvement over unwaxed laces, plus when i laced them up on my skates i had to hold each section down to make sure it did not lose its tightness which is why i wanted to buy waxed laces in the first place so that it would be easier to tighten the laces up without having to take extra steps to make sure they stay tight as i continue to tighten each section. the only thing i liked about these was the metal tips and the fact that the laces seem like they are also pretty durable other than that however i would highly recommend that you do not buy these, in fact I'm replacing mine as we speak.
From: Michael, Dallas, TX

Comments: definitely not a huge improvement over non waxed in fact my unwaxed laces seemed to hold better than these. the whole point of getting waxed laces is to make sure they stay in place during a game or skating session and are easy to tighten. i would not buy these laces i would highly recommend looking at other waxed laces. the only positive is the metal tips they come with and thats it. overall i definitely will not buy these again and going to replace them as soon as possible.
From: Mike

Comments: Love the metal tipped laces, make it really easy to thread through the holes while lacing up the skates. But one BIG caveat, these laces say they're waxed, but they feel and perform like unwaxed laces. You don't really feel any waxiness when touching them, and most importantly they do not hold tightness when skating in them. With my old wax laces, I could lace my skates up tight and they'd stay tight throughout a game. With these skates, I find that I have to untie and relace my skates at least once a game as they are hard to get tight the first time, and just don't stay tight, which is the whole point of getting waxed laces to begin with. Other than that though laces seem really well made and very durable.
From: Steve

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