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Comments: These are the best shoulder pads on the market. Nothing else gives you better overall protection and flexibility. You have hard light plastics covering the chest,shoulder, spine, bicep and ribs areas along with Reeboks one piece shoulder caps, that are the best on the market for disapating even some of the hardest hits on the ice. Along with that you get a segmengated spine and chest that wrap around you to give you a secure, safe fit. You also get a padded collar for a comfort fit around the neck area and velcro straps at the bottom of the pad so you can adjust for comfort. Along with Reeboks JDP protection and ASD fit these are among the most elite pads you can buy for higher end advanced to pro play.
From: John

Comments: The Reebok 11K shoulder pads are a perfect example of why top of the line equipment is worth the money. All the protection you'll ever need, an yet they're very light and extremely manueverable. Clavicle pads and bicep guards are adjustable, so you can customize to your liking. The pads move with you - it never feels like they're out of place. Completely comfortable too. The moisture wicking liner does its job perfectly. Sure, they get sweaty, but they never retain moisture and weigh you down. Finally, I have to comment on the Zigtech liner and the claim that it transmits energy and increases blood oxygen levels. Like most of you reading this, I was pretty skeptical about those claims. Sounded like classic marketing hype to me. Well, I'm very happy to tell you that it's actually true! I also have the 11K shin guards and elbow pads, which all feature the Zigtech feature. Working together, it DOES make a difference. Kind of gives your muscles a warm feeling, like they're ins tantly loose and ready to go. In other words, I feel as good late in the 3rd period as I do in the first minute of the game. Amazing
From: ??

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