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Comments: Phenomenal stick for the price! I also have a 40k CCM ribcor and I think this stick has a quicker release. I really like how it has the flex free zone on it so you can cut up to 4" off and it doesn't affect the stiffness at all. First Sherwood since I used a wood Coffey some 15 years ago and I love it! You won't be disappointed.
From: Nate, Dallas, TX

Comments: I have been playing hockey for 4-5 years now and in that time I have played with a Bauer, Warrior and 2 Reebok sticks and as far as i'm concerned the "Homerekker" blows them out of the water. I have withheld this review for a while now in order to play with it for an adequate amount of time and at this point I've owned it for 5 or 6 months now and I recommend it all the time. The puck feel is unrivaled. That's the biggest thing about this stick even more so than the super super lightweight and balance of the stick. Playing with your head up is so much easier with this stick because you can feel exactly where the puck is on your blade. Another thing is, it still has that super stiff new stick feel which is really really cool and makes the 200 dollars you'll pay for this stick that much more worth it. I play hockey 2-3 times a week whether that be with my varsity kids or my adult league teams and I ONLY use this stick and it's held up unbelievably well, still stiff and very little chipping on the toe or the rest of the blade for that matter. Seriously just buy this stick haha
From: Adam, PA

Comments: Awesome stick! Extremely light which makes it easy to dangle with speed and also easy to drag with one arm. Amazing pop for snapshots. Highly recommended for stick handlers and snapshooters. I would not recommend this stick for people who like to take lots of slappers. Wish they would make more curves(PP88) for the non-grip version.
From: Tony, CA

Comments: Great stick! Very well balanced, extremely light!!! very good pop off the blade, and you can really feel the puck. Ive been using Bauer for years and have also used RBK, CCM, but this stick is truly unique in every way. Recommend this for anyone who loves to dangle and shoot with ease.
From: Matt, Australia

Comments: Wow!! This stick has made a huge difference in my game. Since I started to use the Sherwood Rekker EK15 I can effortlessly rip shots using the low kick point. In addition to that, handling the puck feels so much more responsive since the stick is so lightweight and well made. I feel that Sherwood really went the extra distance in crafting this amazing stick and I will definitely recommend the Sherwood Rekker EK15 to all of my friends and anyone who wants a high end stick but doesn't want to break the bank.
From: Andrew, NY

Comments: This stick is really nice extremely light weight and the curve p88 is sick. I was playing with the mako2 p28 curve and prefer the Sherwood. Everything hand made and at 200 bucks is a super steal. Hopefully other manufactures start recognizing what Sherwood did with the rekker and start reducing their prices too.
From: Ethan, Canada

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