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Sherwood 5030 Hockey Shoulder Pads Sr

Comments: Good for stick n puck not so good for any kind of contact depending on the guys your playing with..shoulders r ok but chest n back protection is minimal.
From: David, NY

Comments: These are the most comfortable/light shoulder pads for pick-up or adult league. I've been nocked around in them and they've been fine for me. Although, if your one to dive in front of a slapper I'd suggest a beefier option:)
From: Matthew, New York

Comments: Great light weight pads, gives you the protection you need for a small cost. Use them in competitive college league and they hold amazing.
From: Zach, Reno, NV

Comments: Lightweight pads with the perfect shoulder caps to protect you
against the boards, and soft enough to protect the other guys too.
Decent amount of rib coverage, and covers a good portion of your arms
too. Definitely recommended for beer league hockey, but tons of pro-
level guys wear these too.
From: Jack, Ontario, Canada

Comments: Perfect for beer league "noncontact" hockey.
From: Eric

Comments: For the price this shoulder pads are great starting to play again needed reliable equipment and nothing could be better than classic Sherwood stuff. Lighweight and very comfortable to skate with might need something bigger later on but for the price and quality this brings already I would consider it to anyone starting to pick up the game again.
From: Michael, Newark, NJ, US

Comments: Awwwww yeah! The grandaddy of them all! Actually, not really, since these came out maybe 10 years ago or so. At any rate...these are great for beer league/pickup hockey where you don't need full protection, but you do like a little something just in case there's the errant puck or butt end or check through the Zamboni doors. Lightweight, comfortable, adequate protection, good mobility, and most importantly...low profile so you don't look like a tool out there at an 11pm weekday league game where there's no checking/tackling.
From: Jim

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