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Comments: This (in my opinion) is the best first stick that money can buy. It's the stick I learned on (and still have), and will always be one of my backups if one of my composite sticks break. If you are reading this comment and are looking to buy your first stick, I highly recommend this one. Affordable, durable, light (for wood), and has good control and good flex. I play roller hockey, and it appears that the bottom of the blade will wear down to dust before anything else on this stick breaks.
From: Justin, TN

Comments: Fantastic hockey stick! This was my first stick starting out playing youth roller hockey. As I've moved up to adult ice leagues, I still keep a Sherwood in my garage. Great for driveway, roller, or ice this stick has the feel and durability I enjoy. While it may not be the top performer, it will always be a stick I can count on.
From: Cooper, Virginia

Comments: My favorite hockey stick on the market
From: Aaron, MI

Comments: Great stick for the beginning hockey player, and more than adequate for the broke hockey player. Very durable and has good flex. Perfect length for my height (5'10"), so it may be a little short for players over 6'. Only wish it was available in the PP88 curve
From: Aiden

Comments: Indoor or outdoor, this is the stick to have. Most people I play with think because it's a $25 stick that's it can't do it's job. In fact a beginner level player can do everything and more with this stick than a beginner level player with a top end stick costing $250 and have it last as long or longer! This stick doesn't make a player better, but it encourages learning. It might be heavy, but how much lighter do you need the stick to be to carry a 4-6oz puck? If you don't have a shot with a $250 stick, you probably can't do it with a $25 stick, it just means you don't have a shot at all
From: Takeshi

Comments: The Greatest hockey stick ever made!
From: Billy, NY

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