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Comments: I love this stick. It forever changed my game. I now have 2. Sherwood took everything you need from a great composite stick and made it very durable to last longer. The best thing is the price. It doesn't cost $235. I got both of mine for just over $100. When I receive a pass the puck seems to just stick to my blade and I can really generate a lot of power on my shots. Great buy!!
From: Paul, DE

Comments: Great twig for the money. The mid-kick has some good snap to it. The shaft feels kinda boxy and big at first but you get used to that fairly quick. Good feel, blade is still stiff after 2 months and the durability is also quite good. For under $150 you wont find a better stick. Sherwood has a winner.
From: Braedin, Edmonton, AB

Comments: it was excellent puck feel, but thats about the only thing it has going. maybe i got a bad stick but on all m shots i can feel the blade and shaft torque and wobble so much that its like a wet noodle. blade is very soft as well.
From: Joe, MN

Comments: I have both the 95 and 85 flex PP09 sticks. The 95 flex was a little too stiff for me, so it is now my backup stick. I play with the 85 and love it. It is a super light yet durable stick. To me it is one of the best sticks on the market. You are getting Sherwood's top of the line stick for ~$200 less than other brands. I've been using the 9950 for the last year or so and decided to upgrade mainly for the weight savings. If you are in the market for a $100 stick, spend a little more and get this stick. You won't regret it. The only con I can think of for me is the concave shaft. I think this feels so different because the 9950 is the opposite (rounded shaft). If you have large hands like me, the concave shaft might feel a little strange at first, but you will probably come to like it as I am.
From: Michael L, Austin, TX, USA

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