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Comments: I started using this blade by Sherwood with the Coffey Curve because Reebok stopped making the wooden 2K Blade with the ABS bottom edge in the IW Curve which I liked. I don't use tape on my blades. Instead I use the Taci-Mac Attach Pads, so the bottom edge of my blade is in direct contact with the ice. Reebok still makes the 2k blade, but now it's mostly all ABS and doesn't come in the IW Curve. The Coffey curve offered by Sherwood comes closest to the IW curve.

Now back to the 950 Sherwood Blade: It has a really good feel to it and responds well for both wrist and slap-shots. The main problem with this blade is its durability. Both the bottom and top edges start splitting along their length with very little use. I've tried spraying the blade edges with truck bed liner and putting duct tape on them. I even used a commercial product called "Blade Armor" to protect the bottom edge. These fixes make the blade last a little longer, but not
that much longer. At $20 to $25 per blade, they should be more durable. I still can't figure out why the top edge cracks and peals since it doesn't even come in contact with the ice. I go through a lot of these blades. If they only put an ABS strip along the bottom edge, it would make all the difference in the world.
From: Mark, CO

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