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Comments: The Tape Tiger is the perfect tool to remove tape from the blade or shaft of your stick. It does take a little skill to get to at the right angle to not scratch the stick when it cuts the tape but not a big deal.
From: Paul, Richland, WA

Comments: took a while to figure out how much pressure to put on it to take the tape off. The sharpening stone works great, i do not use a skate tightner and the bottle opener might come in handy for beer leaugers
From: Jack

Comments:Have had this for a while and it took a while to get the hang of it so that it didn't leave scores on the blade. But once you get use to getting it flat along the blade it leaves virtually no marks at all and slices through the tape really clean. The only negative I can think of is, the lack of protective cover on the front where the blade is. I keep the tape tiger in my son's hockey bag since he re-tapes more frequently than i do. And I can see a kid fishing his hand around in the accessory pouch of his bag and getting his finger into that blade. I folded up a piece of cardboard and made a cover that slips on over it snuggly. Too bad one doesn't come with it.
From: Dan

Comments:I have to tape my stick before every game, but peeling off the tape after a game is a royal pain in the rear. This tool is perfect for what I needed. I use it on the back end of the blade instead of the front b/c I find it easier to keep the tool cutting on the back side of the curve. I can't speak for the other tools since I haven't really used them yet, but the tape cutter works great!!
From: Tom

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