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Comments: Being a full right goalie, it was difficult to find a matching pair of blocker/catcher, so I eventually settled for the pair of V5 7490's. The catcher was difficult to close at first. It requires some breaking in for 3 or 4 days. Simply watch some TV and keep closing and opening it. When you go to sleep, put a puck in it and tie a rubber band around it. On the ice, this catcher is great. Any pucks that make it in the catcher stay in the catcher. It is really easy to close (once its broken in). Putting your hand inside is really comfortable, with several finger holes for your fingers. Puck marks come frequently. It's a white catcher, so there's not much of a suprise here. The only
downside is its pretty hard to take shots or play the puck with this glove. Nonetheless, this is a great catcher for the intermediate toadvanced level of ice play.

From: Kyle, CA

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