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Comments: There is a reason pros use this visor! It's fantastic! I don't know what everyone else is talking about when they say "it never fogs up." Mine sure did. That is until I used some anti-fog spray... then it was good. I think that is expected of most visors though. Take decent care of it and it won't scratch. I got high sticked and it only left a cosmetic mark on the side... nbd. Buy some anti-fog spray and spacers to go along with it.
From: Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Comments: Crystal clear vision. I forget I am even wearing it. Never fogs! Only clean it with AFR spray. Best looking visor on the market.
From: Paul, San Diego, CA

Comments: The best visor on the planet. I own 4 of them, I have one on every color helmet I have. Doesn't fog up and doesn't distort vision like you are looking out of a fish bowl.
From: Travis, VA

Comments: Best fitting shield I've ever owned. I would recommend this to anyone. I would also pick up some spacers for your helmet. My helmet is a Bauer and it seems to fit with round spacers rather than the ones that come with. This is my 2nd one of these masks because I found out the hard way that the AFR spray that Oakley wants you to use is the best. Do not, whatever you do, use something like windex. Looks great on the helmet and offers great visibility and protection.
From: Matt, Ithaca, NY

Comments: Very clean, looks great and very durable if cared for properly. I highly recommend getting the anti-fog spray and specifically the Oakley one. If you use anything else like Windex, it will take the finish right off and you'll have just wasted your money. I also recommend getting a helmet bag if you don't already have one to keep your shield protected from being scratched from your other pieces of equipment in your bag or from anti-odor sprays you might use on your other pieces of equipment.
From: Rob, San Jose, CA

Comments: Use this multiple times a week. Protective, great optics, doesn't scratch easy, and looks awesome!!!
From: Jonathan

Comments:This mask is A+ quality. For the truly best visor around go with this one. Helps me get through all my games day in and day out. Not to dark, nor does it let light in from the stadium surroundings. This mask also helps very much by not fogging up, at crucial times.
From: Sydney Crosby

Comments:Great Visor!! Highly recommend!! Awesome service too!
From: Andy

Comments:This visor is awesome!!! I was initially concerned about the visor being too dark, especially since the rinks I play at are dimly lit. But I had no problem seeing, the clarity is perfect. I would highly recommend this product. Well worth the money.
From: Dave, Colorado Springs, CO USA

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