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Comments: This stick is incredibly light and extremely durable. I have broken numerous sticks from Easton, Bauer and others. Almost immediately after removing the tape from the blade, most sticks lose their finish. Not this guy. Whatever they wrap the blade in is ultra durable. Oh yeah, this stick allows me to take SICK shots!!!
From: Michael, New York, NY

Comments: This stick is amazing warrior did an outstanding job with this stick for starters the weight is incredible the dagger tapper making this stick an extremly low kick stick is unblevieible I feel like every time I use the stick it still has pop and in all feels like a new stick. I love how warrior also used a true piece molding aspect on the whole convert line (except for the DT2). This stick is just amazing 10/10!
From: Tarek

Comments: Flex: 100 Pattern: Burrows (PM9) Finish: Grip Aesthetics Very simplistic design with a nice finish. Still waiting for the special edition blue (Burrows)! 8/10 Blade/Stickhandling/Receiving Passes To me, the puck feel was slightly above average. It wasnÕt that great dampened effect, but it wasnÕt so hard either. It had an overall nice feel for stickhandling. I admit, this is one area that I am really strict about so I may be tougher than others, but I am spoiled by the ONE95, so anything less will have an inferior rating. 8/10 Shaft/Flex The flex of the Covert DT1 seems to be whippier than advertised. I would estimate that after cutting the Covert DT1 down about 3-4 inches that the flex feels to be about an 82-85. So if you are used to an Easton 85 or a Bauer 87, then I would go with the Covert DT1 in 100. The dagger taper definitely makes a noticeable difference when shooting. The stick is also comfortable in the hands, especially with the grip. 8.5/10 Shooting If you are used to a mid-kick stick then the Covert DT1 will take a little getting used to, but it is worth it. The release and power distribution is very nice with the aggressive taper near the blade. Snapshots and wristshots are quicker to get used to than slapshots, but again, once you hone your shot, you will be pleased. Again, I want to stress the importance of flex hereÉI would certainly try a higher flex than normal in this stick, especially due to the aggressive taper. 8/10 Weight and Balance The weight and balance of this stick was very nice. They added a longer shaft intentionally, but cutting that down did not make a noticeable difference in the balance of the stick. I would say the balance is of a top-tier stick and the weight is also right in line with comparable models. 9/10 Durability The durability of the Covert DT1 is far better than that of the Widow. I have had one pingy shaft issue that Warrior replaced for me right away, but otherwise they have been very good. 8/10 Conclusion Overall I would say that the Covert DT1 is a nice stick with many nice features, most notably the graphics, balance and kickpoint. It is a much better construction than the Widow and is a great overall option. 9/10 player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)
From: Rich

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