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Customer Reviews:

Comments: One of the most classic 4-roll gloves on the market. Surprisingly protective even without PU inserts. I guess the trilam foams work as advertised. This also makes them extremely light.
From: Toby, JC, NJ

Comments: The absolute most amazing gloves EVER. I will never buy a different kind of glove. The mobility is amazing and the liner really wicks away the moisture from your hands. GET THESE!
From: ??

Comments: SIIIICK wrist mobility. Bought these after I purchased easton Eq50's and HATED the lack of wrist movement. The cuff flare is enormous and there is a break in the wrist cuff that allows the two sides to move independently. Great protection, great mobility. Sweet looking gloves!!! I went for the narrow fit over the wide fit because the wide ones seemed a bit too clunky for me. Either way you can't go wrong. I have larger than average hands, so the narrow fit style glove fits closely around my actual hand and fingers and then at the wrist flares away to allow for a quite roomy wrist. (it seems that the wide fit does the same thing so the wide fit may have just a bit more wrist mobility, but it felt better to me to have the conforming palm and finger area and still have the wrist flare) The only flaw I can see is that the palm is made of a very soft (although multiple layers) suede-style material. I personally prefer a strip of leather on the palm, with the soft suede for the upper palm and finger area, but once I wear through the palms I'll just have them re-done the way I like. BUY THESE GLOVES!!!!
From: Dominic, PA

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