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Comments: I just got this stick and I love it! Huge fan of the soft touch matte finish makes moving your bottom hand around while stickhandling smooth and frictionlesss. Very light stick - feels like you are holding a handful of nothing! Excellent balance, shoots very accurately, dagger tapper flex is the truth! Love that warrior offers different curves than everyone elses that just matches and immatates each other. Got the zetterberg curve which is kind of like a P88 Lindros curve but with a lower lie, and flat bottom. Huge fan of this curve thinking of buying another to use for roller hockey. Gionta is an awesome curve too. I have that in a Dolomite and you would be surprised how well it plays at everything. I have a friend that plays D and has 3 gionta curve sticks, he loves it!
From: Gear Executive, Fort Collins, CO

Comments: The best stick I've ever played with. The true one piece design gives you a superior feel for the puck on your blade. I've purchased warrior sticks for years and this has had the best durability by far, taking a beating and still maintaining optimal performance. A great stick for any player to give you a softer set of hands.
From: Andrew, NY

Comments: Very good stick, has a nice pop to it and you can really feel the puck on the blade. Very well balanced not too blade heavy like some sticks. Would recommend it to anyone
From: Josh

Comments: Very comfortable stick, well balanced. The dagger taper seemed to help me get my snap shots off quicker, and my slap shot seemed to have something extra on it. Puck handling was very comfortable. The only problem is that the blade broke at the heel right around the 30 day mark, which seems to happen with warrior sticks. If you play more than once a week this is a great stick to have.
From: Jared, Las Vegas, NV

Comments:Very light and well balanced. The 12" taper truly gives the stick an amazing feel while shooting. Wrist and snapshots really come off the stick with authority. Slapshots suffer just a little bit but I dont think that's the idea with this stick. Blade seems durable and stiff almost pingy at times. Looks wise the stick in my opinion is the nicest on the market. Well made , great looks , and performance to match
From: Ryan, CA

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