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Comments: Comments:This stick is great i have been using warrior ever since they started producing them and have not switched. This stick has a great kickpoint and is incredibly light. This is the best stick on the market.
From: Ryan, VA

Comments: Stick is light and well balanced. The really low kick in the widow makes for great hard shots. The feel of the stick is good, but not quite the level of the Total One or EQ50. Overall a great stick and will improve your shot!!!
From: Chris, Spokane, WA

Comments: Great stick! Shots felt deadly accurate, but had great velocity on them. Good balance to the stick as well. Highly recommend it!
From: Adam, Vancouver, BC

Comments: Very light weight stick. Great feel but the blade is not durable at all. I have had 3 sticks and on all three the blade has split in 3-4 months.I really love the stick but at $220 a pop unless you have alot of money to buy sticks you might need to look elsewhere.
From: Nick, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: Awesome Stick! not to mention the look of it as well. The stick is extremely responsive and provides a great shot. The puck sticks to the blade. I will definitely be sticking with Warrior sticks!! great stick.. recommend this stick to hockey players looking for a responsive shot.
From: Marcos

Comments: Love the stick but i have had 3 of them and all 3 have had the blade seperate in half about 3-6 weeks into use. great stick and feel but bad blade design.
From:  TJ, Rockland Massachussetts, USA

Comments: The puck feel of this stick is absolutely unreal! I've never used a stick that makes puck handling and passing so effortless. Passes just hit the blade and stick to it... The one95 was always my favorite stick for puck feel, but after using the Widow there's no comparison. And don't even get me started on the how this beast shoots either... I think the other reviews covered that fairly well. Simply put the Widow is, in my opinion, hands down the best stick on the market right now.
From: ??

Comments:Man oh man... I have been faithful to Easton nearly my entire playing time and decided to give this twig a try... This is one serious stick and I wish I would have tried it before getting an Easton EQ50... the snap and wrist shots are amazing... as the previous post states they come off the blade w/ authority... Truly a great stick and maybe Warrior just replaced my Easton lineup... cant say enough about this stick!
From: Rob

Comments:Very light and well balanced. The 12" taper truly gives the stick an amazing feel while shooting. Wrist and snapshots really come off the stick with authority. Slapshots suffer just a little bit but I dont think that's the idea with this stick. Blade seems durable and stiff almost pingy at times. Looks wise the stick in my opinion is the nicest on the market. Well made , great looks , and performance to match
From: Ryan, CA

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