It's Easy to Obtain a US Address for your Shipments

Bongo International serves customers located outside of the United States wanting a US address to receive items. Bongo provides a US address to which all & orders can be sent. Bongo then forwards directly to you. Depending on the account type you create at Bongo, you may use for single purchases or consolidate shipments from various US retailers.

Simply go to to setup an account and then return to IW to place your order. Shipping within the US also qualifies you for our US shipping promotions such as FREE Ground for orders over $75 US.

  1. Setup your Bongo International account by clicking here to go to
  2. After signup, Bongo will provide you with your very own US address.
    Return to IW to place your order using your new US billing address.
  3. Enter your new US address supplied by Bongo as both your BILLING & SHIPPING Address.
  4. Use the credit card (or PayPal) that you have on file with Bongo as the payment method...NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Choose desired shipping method from IW to Bongo, and you are done!

* IW is responsible for your items until they arrive safely at Bongo. You will be provided with tracking from IW to the Bongo warehouse. Bongo then inspects the contents prior to forwarding. The recipient is responsible for payment of applicable duties, taxes, and/or shipping from the Bongo warehouse to their location.

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