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Hockey elbow pads should protect the player’s elbow and fill the gap in protection from the glove to the bicep guard on a player’s shoulder pads. One way to determine the appropriate size elbow pads to get is measure from your mid forearm to mid bicep. An elbow pad that is too small will leave significant gaps in protection in the wrist area and bicep. An elbow pad that is too large will not stay in place and interfere with a player’s mobility.

The information below is to be used as a guideline only and
DOES NOT guarantee fit. The chart is not specific to any item or brand.

Should an item have sizing guidelines provided by the manufacturer, they will be provided for you within the product description next to that item. In other words, if sizing guidelines are seen with the product description online, DO NOT reference the general guideline below.

Elbow Pad Diagram
Measuring Guide
Size & Fit Guide
  • Measure from top of glove to start of shoulder pad. Locate corresponding measurement below.
  • The elbow pad should not restrict movement of the elbow. With the elbow pads on, test the range of motion by bending the arm at the elbow, watching for restriction.
Pad Size
Arm Measurement
Arm Measurement
Youth 7-9 18-23
Small 9-11 23-28
Medium 10-11 25-28
Large 10-12 25-30
Small 12-13 30-33
Medium 13-14 33-36
Large 14-15 36-38
X-Large 15+ 38+

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