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The Bauer Supreme One30 hockey shaft offers solid performance at an affordable price. The Bauer one30 shaft has a fairly traditional hockey shaft design with good materials resulting in a excellent all around shaft.  Whether you are playing ice, indoor roller, or street hockey the Bauer one30 will get the job done.

  • Model Year: 2010
  • Heritage: New for 2010
  • Level of Player: Ideal for the beginner to intermediate level of player
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded corners/Double concavity 
  • Flex Point: Mid kick
  • Fits: Traditional hockey blades


  • Construction:
    • Carbon composite construction
  • Flex Profile:
    • Amplified Mid Kick:
      • Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort
      • Created by using a stiffer lower shaft with a softer middle providing a stick that is easily loaded
      • Perfect for those who lean heavily into their sticks or want an effortless shot release
  • Geometry:
    • Square Double Concave shaft:
      • The square double concave taper is thicker in the hosel area to work in coordination with the mid shaft deflection during powerful shot to optimize energy transfer and keeping blade aligned for accuracy
  • Grip:
    • Traditional smooth stick coating
  • Flex: 52
  • Shaft Length: 45"

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