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The Easton Mako II Hockey Shafts are the premier tapered hockey shafts from Easton. The Mako II shafts uses a lot of the great features that are on the one-piece Mako II stick. Easton constructed this shaft using a compression molding process that enables the shaft to be extremely consistent as well as responsive and light. The Tapered hosel design makes for a low-kick point giving you a wicked fast release on shots and passes.

  • Heritage: Easton Mako Shaft
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Shaft Style: Tapered
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded corners/Double-concave sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low-kick
  • Blade Compatibility: Tapered blades
  • Weight: 317 grams (based on 85 flex shaft)
  • Construction:
    • Uni-Carbon System
      • Universally aligned fibers throughout the shaft to provide a stronger and lighter shaft while improving energy transfer also
  • Flex Profile:
    • Tuned taper section built with Easton's Elite Stiffness Profile to pro specs - Offers quick shot release and controlled puck reaction
  • Geometry:
    • Double concave side walls with rounded corners
  • Grip: Smooth matte finish stick coating
  • Flex: 75, 85, 100
  • Length: 55"

Comments: I tried the grip and non-grip version and still went for the non-grip version as EASTON's grip coating is kind of too sticky. This shaft really feels different from all of my shafts (I own about 12 shafts, different brands and different models). With proper blade curve been installed, you can really use this shaft to give out all kinds of shots without any problems.

Two things need to mention:

1. This is shaft + blade, so you will feel somewhat different in shooting when comparing to one piece version.

2. This shaft is low kick design. Wrist shot and snap shot are both excellent, but slap shot may be a little bit weak simply because it is designed for quick and low profile attack, not like motions in slap shot.
From: Jen-Yen, Ashburn, VA

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