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CCM Hockey offers three different families of skates with three distinct fit profiles so that every player can fit comfortably in a pair of CCM ice hockey skates. Watch the insight video above to learn more about the fit and performance differences between the Tacks, JetSpeed and RibCor skates.
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CCM RibCor Ice Hockey Skates
Flexible Fit

The CCM RibCor Skates utilize a Flexible fit and showcase some of the best customization options CCM has to offer. The 50K, 48K, 46K, 44K and the 42K skates bring the classic Pump feature back to CCM. The Pump eliminates negative space in the back of the boot while also giving players a personalized heel lock. CCM listened to the feedback from their NHL Pro Players and greatly improved on the internal RibCor design; allowing these 2nd Generation RibCor skates to be even comfortable, powerful and agile than ever before.
  • The White CCM RibCor 50K Skates are a limited edition run on the successful 50K skate that has been used by the likes of Marian Hossa, David Perron and Matt Duchene. CCM took the RibCor Elite Quarter Package to the next level by strategically stiffening key zones of the boot; providing players with even more comfort, agility and power through each stride.

  • The CCM RibCor 50K Ice Hockey Skate is the premier model in the new CCM RibCor Line. This 50K utilizes a totally reengineered RibCor Elite Quarter Package; providing some of the best out of box comfort and agility on the market. For the first time in this RibCor Line, CCM utilized a full composite midsole that offers unparalleled support, responsiveness and feel through the foot to the ice. 

  • The CCM RibCor 48K Ice Hockey Skates are a stellar deal for the performance features they come with. The RibCor 48K's showcase CCM's premier carbon fiber outsole for maximum energy transfer, while the SpeedBlack Runners add a stealthy look and can hold an edge longer than traditional steel. The pro-spec tongue has ample foam reinforcement and an integrated lace-bite saddle, providing pro-level comfort and protection.

  • The CCM RibCor 46K Ice Hockey Skates are an excellent middle-of-the-pack option that boasts comfortable, high-end performance. With its RibCor Flex Plus quarter package and FlexCore inner core, these 46K's are designed for ultimate agility and speed, backed by ultimate comfortability. 

  • The CCM RibCor 44K Ice Hockey Skates are generously priced and come with great features such as the SkateLock™ system, the next generation Pump™ Technology and CCM's flagship SpeedBlade 4.0 holder. The exclusive SkateLock™ system allows players to lace the top three eyelets independently of the bottom set of eyelets for optimal lacing customization.

  • The CCM RibCor 42K Ice Hockey Skates are the first model in the CCM RibCor Line to feature the next generation Pump™ Technology. This inflatable heel bladder provides pro-style customization, which helps to eliminate negative space while maximizing heel lock. 

  • The CCM RibCor 40K Ice Hockey Skates are the entry level model in the CCM's RibCor Line. These RibCor 40K Skates feature an Elite Synthetic Quarter Package, ideal for the casual skater or new to hockey player. For pro-like comfort and lace-bite protection, CCM included a two-piece white felt tongue with injected foams. 

CCM Jetspeed Ice Hockey Skates
Tapered Fit

CCM took a completely different approach to these JetSpeed skates by designing the quarter package to fit as naturally close as possible to a real foot shape. From this, RocketFrame Technology was born. Using this new technology, the JetSpeeds offer an ultra-anatomical wrap around the foot even before the skates are baked. Using a deep heel pocket with strategic foam placement, the CCM JetSpeeds come with incredible heel lock and ankle support for explosive foot speed.
  • These Limited Edition CCM JetSpeed Black Skates features all the same specs as the original, except this has been blacked out from the black felt tongue to the SB Black Runners. The most important feature on the JetSpeed is the RocketFrame quarter package and its new fit profile. CCM built this boot from the inside out, giving you an incredible anatomical shape and second to none heel lock. These JetSpeed skates also come with the option to choose a High, Medium or Low Custom Support Insole that will provide personalized support for optimal fit, performance and comfort.  

  • The CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates are the top of the line model in the exciting and innovative JetSpeed Line. It showcases CCM's brand-new RocketFrame™ quarter package that wraps and contours around the foot like no CCM skate before, delivering mind-blowing agility and power through each stride. These JetSpeed skates also come with a High, Medium or Low Custom Support Insole that provide custom support for comfort and fit.  

  • The CCM JetSpeed 300 Ice Hockey Skates offer elite-level performance at a generous price point. The JetSpeed 300 debuts the exciting and new RocketFrame™ quarter package that fits more anatomically correct than any other CCM quarter package to date. With such a contouring fit around the foot, players now have a skate that is more responsiveness and faster than ever before. 

  • The CCM JetSpeed 290 Ice Hockey Skates are the mid price-point model in the JetSpeed Line, offering a ton of performance without having to break the bank. The JetSpeed 290 features the Chrome Action Form quarter package with a pro-reinforced SpeedCore inner core. These two work to provide players with superb support and stability throughout the entirety of the boot, resulting in deadly acceleration and speed. 

  • The CCM JetSpeed 280 Ice Hockey Skates showcase a composite reinforced Action Form quarter package. This quarter package and it's SpeedCore inner core provide players with an excellent, contoured fit right out of the box that gets even better after they are heat molded. The JetSpeed 280 also debuts the injected SuperSkin outsole that has been indented to further increase stiffness and rigidity for more power. 

  • The CCM Jetspeed 270 Ice Hockey Skates are the first model in the JetSpeed Line to utilize the SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder that provides one of the most aggressive turning radius on the market. It sits 4 mm taller in the front and rear post, allowing players to get over even further on their edges without bottoming out. 

  • The CCM JetSpeed 260 Ice Hockey Skates are a step up from the entry-level JetSpeed 250 skates, making it a solid option for the beginner or recreational-level player who wants a skate that will last. The JetSpeed 260 features a traditional Tech Mesh quarter package and a two-piece white felt tongue for enhanced support and comfort. 

  • The CCM JetSpeed 250 Ice Hockey Skates are the entry level model in the new JetSpeed Line and are a great choice for the recreational or new-to-hockey player. The JetSpeed 250 Skates have a Synthetic Embossed quarter package with an injected plastic outsole, providing ample support for those who are still developing their stride. To maximize comfort, CCM used a heavy duty microfiber liner and a traditional one-piece white felt tongue. 

    Sizes Available: 9.0, 11.0

CCM Tacks Ice Hockey Skates 2016
Contoured Fit

The 2016 CCM Tacks Skate Line was designed from the inside out to provide players with CCM's most anatomical fit to date. Internally, the boot wraps and hugs the foot to further eliminate negative space, not only providing a comfortable but also helps to increase energy transfer too. The top of the line Super Tacks skates offer the most explosive power from a CCM to-date thanks to the full one-piece boot construction called MonoFrame 360.
  • After 5 years of intense R&D and collaborations with leading universities, CCM's most innovative skate to date is finally here. The CCM Super Tacks Skates elevates a legendary name to heights never before reached through sheer power, incredible stiffness, unreal responsiveness and an awesome new fit profile. The true one-piece, MonoFrame 360 composite boot eliminates the need for an outsole, which has always been the weak link in hockey skate construction performance-wise. 

  • The CCM Ultra Tacks Skates were slotted to be CCM's top of the line model this year but the Super Tacks were finally ready. Because of this, players are getting CCM's premium technology and materials at a much more generous price point. The Ultra Tacks Skates utilize a Carbon Twill Composite AttackFrame 2 with a T-Form Core. These two combine to provide elite-level stiffness, support and responsiveness that players need when competing at high levels.

  • The CCM Tacks 6092 Skates are an excellent choice for those looking for high-performance, comfort and durability without breaking the bank. The Tacks 6092 skates are built with the same holder, liner and tongue as the top of the line Super Tacks skate! The Total-Dri liner does a great job of wicking away moisture and keeping feet dry during the game, but CCM also included integrate anti-wear coating at the top to prevent premature breakdown.


  • The CCM Tacks 5092 Skates utilize many high-end specs without the high-end price tag. The Tacks 5092 skates utilize a Black Power Form Composite Quarter Package with CCM's signature AttackFrame inner core. The combination of these two give players a big jump in stiffness and support, plus the AttackFrame responds very well to the heat molding process. 

  • The CCM Tacks 4092 Skates are the first performance-level model in the new Tacks Line, thanks to the significantly upgraded Synthetic Power Form Composite quarter package. The 4092 Tacks boot is built with a composite shell and extra internal reinforcements to offer a much higher level of overall performance, support and stiffness. For the first time in this line, the 4092 also features CCM's premier holder, the SB or SpeedBlade 4.0. 

  • The CCM Tacks 3092 Skates are a good pick for those new to the great game of hockey. The CCM utilized their Synthetic Tech Form boot that offers a solid jump in stiffness and support for the opening price point, 2092 model. The two-tone liner brushed microfiber liner is built with good looks,durability and comfort in mind. The SB Pro holder comes with non-removable stainless runner that look just like what the professionals use. The 7mm white felt tongue is another quality upgrade from the 2092 since it better protects the top of the foot from lace-bite and other impacts. 

  • The CCM Tacks 2092 Skates are the opening price-point model in the next generation Tacks Line. Ideal for the entry-level or casual skater, the 2092 Tacks offer a nice balance between comfort and support with its Synthetic Form Boot. The SpeedBlade Pro holder looks just like CCM's premier SB 4.0holder than many pro's use in the NHL today. The two-piece, white felt tongue offers pro-inspired fit, feel and looks too.


CCM Tacks Ice Hockey Skates 2015
Traditional Fit

The CCM Tacks Skates are designed for extreme acceleration and agility. CCM utlized their new AttackFrameª Quarter Package that is built to aggressively store and release energy, getting players up to top speed in the blink of an eye. The CCM Tacks also feature an aggressive forward pitch, keeping players on the balls of their feet to make sure they're ready to separate themselves from their competition.
  • The CCM Tacks Ice Hockey Skates are the premier skates in the Tacks Line and have the fastest 5 strides in hockey to date. CCM accomplished with the carbon fiber structure called the Carbon Twill AttackFrame™. It is designed with pro-level stiffness so it can store energy that directly returns into a player's stride. The core works with the AttackFrame™, providing the proper support and stability that all high-end hockey players need.

    Sizes Available: 11.5, 12.0
  • The CCM Tacks 4052 Ice Hockey Skates offer a ton of value for the intermediate level player who's looking for advanced performance. The thick, white felt tongue and Dual-Zone Liner gives the player a professional fit and feel. The upgraded AttackFrame™ Quarter Package and the heat moldable T4 Core provide solid power and increases longevity. 

    Sizes Available: 6.0

CCM RBZ Ice Hockey Skates
Traditional Fit

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